Monday, October 22, 2007

Dukat's Journal

We have just added another website for all of your hunting information needs. With all of the contacts and friends we have in the hunting business, we wanted a site to put their stories and reviews. We have just released Dukat's Journal of Hunting which will be filled with informative and entertaining articles from the hunting world.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hunting in New Zealand

We have recently return from a hunting trip to New Zealand. We headed to the South Island and hunted wild boar, red stag and chamois. It was an amazing trip with beautiful scenery and some great animals. We have posted a hog hunting video of a wild boar hunt on the trip at It's a very exciting hunt, so check it out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Adding Sable Trail Productions

It has been a while since I have been able to post, but we recently confirmed the addition of Sable Trail Productions to our video line up. Marc Watts, a former CNN correspondent is the owner of the company and has been in television his while career. He produces some excellent African hunting videos and should be a great contribution to the website.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Day Four Hunting Turkeys

Day four Susan decided to sleep in and Freddie and I headed out to face the turkeys on our own. I must admit I didn't have great expectations. I did take the video camera to make one last attempt at a turkey hunting video. We snuck up on a butte and found the turkeys several miles away and headed the other direction. Eventually they worked their way down to the opposite corner of the land we were hunting.

I turned to Fred and said "It's going to take some hiking, but if we're lucky we might be able to put a sneak on them." That was quite the understatement. Four hours later, we were still stalking the turkeys. After several stalks, sneaks and crawls, we were no closer to the turkeys. They had actually laid down in the middle of an open pasture. We were about to give in when the turkeys dusted themselves and headed toward a small creek. Unfortunately, Fred and I were over a mile from the turkeys, but after a little more convincing, we kicked it into high gear (or double timed it as Fred noted).

We snuck over above the turkeys and as we were peeking over a hill, one of the toms saw us at the same instant we saw him. His eyes nearly popped out of his head and he took to flight. Luckily Fred was ready and dropped him from the sky. To our surprise out popped gobbler #2. With a head shot from me, we had our turkeys! Success!

Another year of successful turkey hunting in Nebraska. How can you beat it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Day Three of Nebraska

Day three of Nebraska was a real let down. Susan, Fred and I went out early again to find turkeys. The bordering property on which the turkeys roost had paid hunters that must have shown up that down. When we arrived after daybreak, we could see them across the river with wet legs up past their knees. They had obviously been across the river and scared the turkeys away from their roost. They were wearing no camoflauge, black shirts and jeans. Maybe they thought they would look like a turkey. I sure thought they were. Anyhow, the turkeys were spread out or gone. We set up in one spot with a Primos B-Mobile as far away from them as possible and began calling. We did have one gobbler sneak over to check us out, but he saw something he didn't like and faded into the trees. No more luck the rest of the morning. Maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Day Two of Chasing Gobblers

Day two of the search for gobblers did start out as well as day one, but we did find the turkeys without much searching. We were back on the same butte shortly after daylight and sure enough there they were below us. Back and forth we went trying to judge their next move. Susan made it out this morning and I decided to try to film her taking a turkey. After an hour or two of moving back and forth between spots they fed, we finally got set up and had a couple hens feeding by below us. Susan snuck down ten yards in front of my and I put the camera on the birds.

To my surprise out came 3 or 4 gobblers within 20 yards of Susan. I was whispering "Shoot, they're toms, shoot," but Susan was looking them over and trying to decide which one to take. After several tense seconds, she turned to me to ask which one? Unfortunately, the gobblers were a little close and scattered. No turkey on film today. I was ready to blow my cap (I know it's supposed to be fun), and Susan said, they didn't look big enough! Trophy hunting for turkeys!

My brother-in-law came in late the night before and we went out that afternoon, but no luck finding turkeys. We did see a few, but had no luck calling or tracking them down. I tried the new Primos B-Mobile decoy, but didn't get any turkeys in range close enough to see the decoy. I need to watch my Primos instructional turkey hunting videos to work on my calling. Mine must not be to great, cause the turkeys sure don't come running.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Back From Nebraska

Well we made it back from Nebraska. I'll fill you in on the turkey hunt over the next few days. Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, but the computer time was tough to find in NE.

The first morning, I got up nice and early and made it out to the turkey hunting spot by 5:30. I climbed straight up a big butte to see if there was any action and to my surprise there were turkeys right below me. Turkeys everywhere, probably 6 or 8 toms and jakes and 20 or so hens. Gobbling, fighting, raising a general ruckus. I wanted to get the hunt on film, so I held back and just filmed the maylay. What a site. I had several toms within 10 yards and the whole group within 40 yards at one time. They tried to climb the butte right beside me, but I had an orange flag sticking out of my vest (I discovered too late) and they would get close and start alarm putting. They eventually wandered off, but opening day was pretty exciting. I also got some decent footage, although it could have been better with a higher zoom camera.

My cameraman was worn out from the trip and the rugrat, so I had high hopes for day two and getting a turkey kill on film.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Made It To Nebraska

After a morning of work in Denver, we made it to Nebraska tonight. Turkey hunting in the morning!! I can't wait. I've got to go on and get my license, so I'm signing off.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


We have started our marketing and hope to get the word out on the website as soon as possible. With names like Jim Shockey, Craig Boddington, and Mossback Outfitters, the product line it great and should sell itself. We just need to get the word out.

Monday, April 23, 2007

At the Rifle Range

I spent yesterday morning at the rifle range. It didn't help much with selling videos, but hopefully it will benefit my shooting a little. We worked on business cards and the newsletter again last night. Still haven't figured out how the newsletter works, but we'll get it eventually.

We received an e-mail from a gentleman in Utah and plan to donate some videos to the Mule Deer Foundation. We will probably send them some Mossback Outfitters videos. It is amazing the mule deer and elk these guys are capturing on film. Their videos Bulls Gone Wild and Mulies Gone Wild are hard to beat when it come to big mule deer and elk hunting footage.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Trip To Phoenix

Today Susan and I traveled to Phoenix. Susan attended a convention and I headed out to an archery outside of Mesa, AZ. Great archery range with plenty of targets. I was a little rusty, but things started to get better as the morning went on. My main intent in traveling to Phoenix was to meet with Bob Beman of the Best of the West Television Series. Bob and his team have some great long range hunting and long range shooting videos. They have been on the market several years, but if you haven't seen them they are worth the watch. I watched the Beyond Belief video tonight and after viewing it, plan to carry the videos. They have recently released a video titled Crazy Like a Coyote which should be a great addition for you coyote hunters.

They also have an instructional video in their beyond belief series which is a three disc set and ten hours of instruction on how to shoot beyond belief. You'll be amazed at some of the shots with coyotes and elk killed over 1000 yards!!

I also received some promotional videos from Mark Buchanan today for his four videos, Death by Double Rifle, Death in Masailand, Death on the Gold Coast and Bored to Death. If you haven't seen these hunting videos yet get your copy today and They are well worth the price.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Off To Globe

Well today was spent in Globe, Arizona. Lots of driving. I did get a chance to speak with Bob of Best of the West. Best of West showcases long range shooting and long range hunting. Their videos, Beyond Belief and How to Shoot Beyond Belief are instructional and hunting videos and provide shots that are hard to believe. We are hoping to work out a deal to sell their videos as well. I look forward to seeing them.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Newsletter Troubles

Still working on the April Newsletter. I learned more tonight about HTML than I want to know and that's not much. I finally got the html file to look right, but can't figure out how to send it with the files. Anyhow, I also attend our local SCI meeting and discussed our fundraiser in June. I plan to donate Death by Double Rifle and African Experience by Craig Boddington. These are some great hunting videos in Africa. Death by Double Rifle has two charges, one from a buffalo and one from an elephant that will get your blood pumping. African Experience is basically a how to video on taking an African Safari. Craig Boddington has been on over 65 safari and gives you a great idea on what to expect.

In Vegas, But Rather Be Hunting with Shockey

I spent the day in Las Vegas yesterday and didn't get a chance to post. Unfortunately, I was working and not playing. I did get a chance to work on our the April Newsletter for Hunting Videos Online. I plan to feature Jim Shockey and Mark Buchanan on some of their recent big game hunts. Jim Shockey has been in Cameroon during the month of March and continues to kill new world records with his muzzleloader. We have a lot of great Hunting Videos by Shockey on our website hunting around the world and killing some great animals. I'll check in again tonight.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today I spoke to Marc Watts with Sable Trail Productions. Marc seems like a great guy and we agreed to begin marketing his videos. Marc comes from the television industry and his videos are top notch. His trademark is perfectly shot animals with videos such as "The Mane Event," "Double Down, "Perfectly Shot," and his latest "Fire and Ice." I am excited to be working with Marc and feel his videos will be a great compliment to Mark Buchanan's hunting video Death by Double Rifle.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Well, looks like I got it posted! Look forward to filling you in on the latest news.

Opening The Doors of Hunting Videos Online

My wife and I have just opened up our first online store. We are extremely excited to finally have published for business. We both love to hunt and it's great to have a wife who enjoys the outdoors as much as I do. I wouldn't call her a hunting lunatic like I am yet, but last fall when she crawled out of bed 6 days straight while seven months pregnant to hunt deer with me, I knew she must have caught the bug. I hope you enjoy the website and I'll keep you posted on my hunting travels and online troubles.

Right now we're trying to figure out how to install something to capture e-mail addresses. We plan to have a periodic newsletter, but need to develop a client base first. It should be great stuff with the latest hunts of our hunting video "stars" and tips and tactics.