Thursday, May 3, 2007

Day Two of Chasing Gobblers

Day two of the search for gobblers did start out as well as day one, but we did find the turkeys without much searching. We were back on the same butte shortly after daylight and sure enough there they were below us. Back and forth we went trying to judge their next move. Susan made it out this morning and I decided to try to film her taking a turkey. After an hour or two of moving back and forth between spots they fed, we finally got set up and had a couple hens feeding by below us. Susan snuck down ten yards in front of my and I put the camera on the birds.

To my surprise out came 3 or 4 gobblers within 20 yards of Susan. I was whispering "Shoot, they're toms, shoot," but Susan was looking them over and trying to decide which one to take. After several tense seconds, she turned to me to ask which one? Unfortunately, the gobblers were a little close and scattered. No turkey on film today. I was ready to blow my cap (I know it's supposed to be fun), and Susan said, they didn't look big enough! Trophy hunting for turkeys!

My brother-in-law came in late the night before and we went out that afternoon, but no luck finding turkeys. We did see a few, but had no luck calling or tracking them down. I tried the new Primos B-Mobile decoy, but didn't get any turkeys in range close enough to see the decoy. I need to watch my Primos instructional turkey hunting videos to work on my calling. Mine must not be to great, cause the turkeys sure don't come running.

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