Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Day Three of Nebraska

Day three of Nebraska was a real let down. Susan, Fred and I went out early again to find turkeys. The bordering property on which the turkeys roost had paid hunters that must have shown up that down. When we arrived after daybreak, we could see them across the river with wet legs up past their knees. They had obviously been across the river and scared the turkeys away from their roost. They were wearing no camoflauge, black shirts and jeans. Maybe they thought they would look like a turkey. I sure thought they were. Anyhow, the turkeys were spread out or gone. We set up in one spot with a Primos B-Mobile as far away from them as possible and began calling. We did have one gobbler sneak over to check us out, but he saw something he didn't like and faded into the trees. No more luck the rest of the morning. Maybe tomorrow.

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