Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Day Four Hunting Turkeys

Day four Susan decided to sleep in and Freddie and I headed out to face the turkeys on our own. I must admit I didn't have great expectations. I did take the video camera to make one last attempt at a turkey hunting video. We snuck up on a butte and found the turkeys several miles away and headed the other direction. Eventually they worked their way down to the opposite corner of the land we were hunting.

I turned to Fred and said "It's going to take some hiking, but if we're lucky we might be able to put a sneak on them." That was quite the understatement. Four hours later, we were still stalking the turkeys. After several stalks, sneaks and crawls, we were no closer to the turkeys. They had actually laid down in the middle of an open pasture. We were about to give in when the turkeys dusted themselves and headed toward a small creek. Unfortunately, Fred and I were over a mile from the turkeys, but after a little more convincing, we kicked it into high gear (or double timed it as Fred noted).

We snuck over above the turkeys and as we were peeking over a hill, one of the toms saw us at the same instant we saw him. His eyes nearly popped out of his head and he took to flight. Luckily Fred was ready and dropped him from the sky. To our surprise out popped gobbler #2. With a head shot from me, we had our turkeys! Success!

Another year of successful turkey hunting in Nebraska. How can you beat it.

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